Cyber Dave Looks at Google Now: Is it Going to Dominate the Assistive Robotics Space

Google has premiered Google Now, and it has people talking. Google Now is the response to the ever-successful Siri from Apple. Siri is largely the one thing that has given Apple some much-needed extra attention and energy after a relatively lukewarm handful of iPhone releases. Siri is powerful, dynamic, and pushing the robotic space forward in practical and accessible ways.

The Release of Google Now

Siri is almost certainly the most powerful assistive robot in the industry. But, few would really see Siri as a robot in any traditional sense. Google hopes to change that distinction by showcasing an assistive robot that may actually be perceived as a little more than responsive- intelligent.

Google Now functionally differs in one huge way from Siri. It is in the background, humming and functioning without any response call. To reach out to Siri, users have to say her name. Google Now acts in the background, and chimes in here and there when it notices an area it can assist in.

This is both flawed and incredible, and it may depend on many different factors to determine where it sits on the spectrum. It may work like trial-and-error, allowing the system to work in the background and respond naturally. There will be a learning curve, but it is this exact thing that users seem especially attracted to.

Will Google Now Be a Player in the Future?

The term robotics really encompasses a lot. So, to say that anyone one entity, even one such as Google, is capable of dominating the space is rather premature. Furthermore, robotics includes physical components, 3D printing, and pure mechanics. All of these things are discussed at the Cyber Dave blog. It is unlikely that any one provider is going to dominate one of these niche areas, let alone the entire industry. But, Google is in a prime position to elevate its programming beyond Siri and other assistive-directed competitors.

It may be enough that Google Now has Google to back it. With that kind of support and bankroll, there may be no stopping the trajectory of this innovation. Google Now could go the way of Google Glasses, a comparatively odd little niche with a little mainstream foothold. It could also go another way entirely.